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Take a look at the stages of my project so far, check back for updates.

1960's British engineering meets modern American drivetrain in an Shelby Cobra-esque project.

The project started as a 1969 Triumph Gt6+ in Signal Red. I have had the car for 10 years now, most of them spent non-running or barely running, Triumph owners will know what I am talking about. Fed up with tinkering and encouraged by past projects of mine and friends, I decided to embark upon a total restoration of my little car, replacing and updating nearly everything while retaining most of the stock exterior. I try to frequently update and add pictures so check back often. The links above should help you more quickly locate the parts of the project that interest you, email me if you have any suggestions or comments. Enjoy!


10/13/15 I can't believe another season has come and gone. There were some good shows over the summer, some good racing. Over the winter I upgraded to a set of Nitto drag radials and added a custom rear anti-roll bar to increase traction. Those two additions netted a gain of .75 seconds in the quarter mile. My new best run is now 11.8 seconds at 122 mph. The latest modification is a camshaft swap from Tick Performance, I am still fine tuning the set up but it sounds amazing and should help get the car lower into the 11s. Pictures and videos to follow.

07/07/14 See the new "other projects" page for pictures and details on some stablemates of the Ls1Gt6 as well as other smaller projects that pass through the garage.

5/21/14 Almost 600 miles on the clock, tuned by DSX Tuning and CBI Supercars, ran a best of 12.5 at 119 mph spinning through 1st and partially through 2nd gear. The car is blast to drive and gets lots of attention at shows and cruises. I met some members of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association at a local "cars and coffee" event and have since joined their ranks. The next show I will be attending is the St. Louis European Car Show at Plaza Frontenac on June 1st. Stop by to see the car if you get a chance. I'll try to make and post some videos soon. Also coming soon to the website will be some pictures and details of the next project in the works, a 1950 Chevy Pickup.

11/12/13 It's complete, or at least as complete as it's going to be for a while. I have about 300 miles on the clock, looks great, rides pretty well, goes pretty well, stops pretty well. I am extremely happy with it! See exterior, interior, engine and suspension pages for pictures and info.

9/17/13 Getting really close to completion. I've driven it a couple times now, seems fun once I can get used to it. The first show it will be going to is in two weeks, I doubt the interior will be done, but otherwise it should be ready, see exterior page for some driveway shots.

7/26/13 Reassembly is going well, it runs again, now without a MAF sensor for easier fitment, electrical system is complete, engine bay is almost complete, interior is coming along, exterior is lacking doors and windows but that's about it, see exterior and engine/trans pages for new pics

4/6/13 It's painted! See exterior page for pics from the painter. The car will be getting sanded and buffed this week and weather permitting I should have it back in my garage for re-assembly next weekend.

3/9/13 Car is at the painter getting straightened, smoothed, and hopefully painted. While the car is out of the garage and the engine is still here I'm taking the time to do some mild upgrades looking for a little more power and reliability. See exterior page for pics of the body work, and engine page for details on the mods.

4/22/12 The lift is installed (see above) and I am in the process of fixing things that I am less than happy with, first up is the steering, see suspension page for details and pics.

2/26/12 Garage remodel is nearly complete, the concrete company is waiting a week or two more to pour a new driveway, but otherwise see the pictures above for the new shop! The basic specs on the garage: 40ft long, 16ft wide, 13ft ceiling height, fully insulated, a/c, heat, ceiling fans, exhaust fan, tons of outlets, lights, etc. The lift will be ordered and installed in the middle of the garage soon, then I can begin fixing the last few issues and getting ready for reassembly. No pictures of the car at this time, it's at a relatives house and parts are in various locations right now. Also, my painter's couple month project has turned into a ground up show car build, so I'm honestly not sure when he'll be ready; not that I am right now anyway.

7/1/11 It's amazing how time flies and not much gets accomplished. Unfortunately this is the case recently. I have the firewall fabrication complete and have been working on painting and finishing up the chassis from the firewall forward. The painter I am going to be working with is mid-project on another car so I am patiently waiting and finishing up odds and ends. I added a steering shaft bearing for support, the steering seemed to bind a bit under load. Coming soon will be a garage remodel and a car lift just in time to help me put everything back together after paint. I am still up in the air with paint, ideas range from some sort of blue to silver or even black, opinions are welcome, email me ideas or pictures. I'll try to post more pics and details soon.

2/21/11 Progress continues on prepping for paint. I am working on getting the firewall buttoned back up and finish welding a couple things. Painting suspension parts, and fixing a couple minor clearance problems on the frame and sheet metal. I am recently thinking about going with black for the paint color, it would match my wheels and grill well and compliment the chrome that is left on the car. I have made a lot of progress in the last couple weeks but nothing really picture-worthy. Once the suspension is assembled again and painted I'll update with pics.

10/19/10 I have been working on stripping some things off the car and finishing up smaller items here and there. At the suggestion of my painter I am working on a mesh grill to help make the front end look a little more finished. No pics so far, I'll post when I get it mocked up further, the material is black powder coated loops of aluminum, should look pretty nice when I'm done. I am trying to keep it fairly low key, I don't want to have it be a focal point or anything, just to blend in. With the little time I have to work nowadays it's looking like it will be a better idea to have my painter do more prep work like stripping paint and priming if I ever want to get the car done.

7/15/10 Recently met with a friend of a friend who paints cars professionally, I am going to have him do the paint on the car, but do as much prep as I can handle beforehand to keep his number of hours down and the cost in turn. I began removing parts to more easily strip them and get them ready for primer. See exterior page for picture of the "progress" so far. Also, the transmission tunnel is the last major construction hurdle and it is in progress, see interior page for picture and a little more information.

6/2/10 With almost all the major items taken care of on the list I have taken a different tact to get the car completed. I put the car up on stands and have started at the rear of the car, underneath and am fixing and finishing all the little details in one area before progressing to the next. Things are going pretty well, there were quite a few little issues that I said "good enough" that weren't really how I'd like them to be for a permenent solution. So, slowly but surely there is progress being made. No new pictures right now, pictures of new bolts and hose clamps wouldn't be that interesting anyway. Keep checking back in, I'll try to work on getting some new pics or possibly videos up soon.

3/16/10 See suspension page for completed generation 3 upper control arms. I like how they turned out, they are probably a little overbuilt for the duties they will be performing but better to be ready for the unexpected. Next on the agenda is to finish mounting the seats and harnesses, so check back soon for that, it's warming up outside and I am getting stuff done every weekend it seems, I'll try to keep up the pace of working and updating the site. Edit to add: got the car insured with Hagerty, they gave me a very good quote even after filling out the "modified car" worksheet, so they know exactly what they are insuring. I was pleasantly surprised.

1/08/10 It's been a while since I updated, hollidays and cold weather have kept me from making too much progress, see suspension page for updates on the new upper control arm to fix some suspension problems. I need to get back in the garage when it warms up, my New Years Resolution is to get this car done in 2010.

11/28/09 I took the car for a spin today, down the block and back, but at least it's progress, no problems to speak of which was nice. I have looked at my steering a little closer and think I have a plan on fixing the small problems I have. Unfortunately it means I will be making another set of upper control arms, the third generation, but that's the price of progress. I am going to make the upper control arms adjustable which will allow me to adjust camber there and not with the original method shimming the lower arm perch from the frame. Then I can weld the lower perch to the frame for some additional strength. (I have never liked the stock attachment of the lower control arm to the frame.)

10/27/09 I have added a new website detailing some of the work I have done for friends, trying to drum up some side business helping design and create new and interesting things, if you get a chance check out

10/07/09 See interior page and suspension page for a couple new pictures, interior tin work is coming along and I added a few details about the steering, even though I haven't worked on that much recently.

8/24/09 Progress has been made on the car, just not on the website. Tinwork is done minus a transcover and driveshaft tunnel. Fuel cell is mounted and vented properly. Took the car for it's first powered outing, down the driveway and to turn around and back, she did pretty well, the front alignment is eyeballed and totally wrong so it sinks low and grinds the exhaust in reverse. The front end is too far up in the air right now, dialed in a bit too much preload on the coilovers. Most systems are functional, need 5 point harness mounts welded in, interior finished up and steering sorted out. Ideally i need to gain some ground clearance on the exhaust but am lacking the $$ to attack that yet, we'll see how she does when the ride height is corrected. Stay tuned, hopefully it won't be so long between updates. See interior page for pics of tinwork and insulation.

5/30/09 Making progress on tinwork, not good for pics though, until that's done see exterior page for some pics when I rolled the car out a while back.

5/14/09 My wife and I celebrated the birth of our first child this weekend. Our daughter was born on Mother's Day and we've been in the hospital for a couple days, so no car news but big household news. Stay tuned I will get something done on the Triumph soon, I promise.

5/5/09 Cinco de Mayo! Not much new to show/report, I have a good idea how the sheet metal is going to come together in the rear and the steering linkage is coming together slowly but surely. I wish I had more to report.

4/17/09 I have been working on some side projects for a couple friends so I haven't made too much progress, those projects are done now so back to work on the Triumph! The 500lb springs installed and helped out alot, they were perfect at first, they settled out a little when I moved the car, but I have lots of preload adjustment in the coil-overs to play with so I will work on that soon, also I am working on clearing up some steering linkage issues, will post pictures when that all gets worked out.

4/2/09 No new pics today, got the car on it's own feet yesterday, was going to drive it out of the garage and snap some pics but one problem came about, my front 300lbs springs are woefully too light, so the car rolled couple feet and after the tires settled out it was sitting on my exhaust, coils almost at bind. So, I found a couple online spring rate calculators that say with my new front suspension I will need more like 500lb springs. They are on order and will hopefully arrive soon, then I will try to get the car out again and get some pics from further away. One miscalculation isn't too bad for a first attempt.

3/29/09 I have the car on the ground again, the rear still needs sheetmetal but I am trying to sort out the setup of the front suspension, lots of tinkering and aligning to do there, once it's at ride height I'll work on making sure the steering linkage doesn't bind and everything works cleanly, one new pic today under exterior, a shot of the rear with the Magnaflow muffler I added recently to quiet the car a bit.

3/2/09 Couple new pics today, got the brakes all plumbed and working, did some cleaning up in the engine bay. Also I have added a pic of the bonnet hinges and a little more info on the how-to involved in that. Weather is improving so hopefully progress will be swifter coming soon.

2/18/09 No new pics today, I've been working on various things, I added a Magnaflow muffler and some additional piping to get my exhaust out back and quieted down, the results are nice, it's still a bit loud but much more tolerable and has a nice deep rumble. I have ran my brake lines to the rear and will work on getting the front lines done soon. After installing the overflow and exhaust I ran the engine for an extended period and got a weird noise up front. It was pretty scary but got it figured out, my belt was too loose and was sort of popping over and over at the crank pulley, it sounded like a really loud percolator(sp?). I assumed the worse but all is well now.

2/8/09 See engine/trans and interior pages for updates on my weekend of semi-progress, I got some brake plumbing done, a coolant overflow made and some interior parts mounted.

2/5/09 - The weather is supposed to improve starting today and I got some parts in to finish the brake lines, also got a new steering wheel and some misc. parts, check back monday for pictures of whatever progress I make this weekend.

1/24/09 New dash pic on interior page, the dash panels are done as well as gauges and switches! I have been working on other small issues as well with the engine, trying to figure out some intake issues and possibly thinking about relocating the coils off the valve covers for cosmetic and header clearance reasons. It's been cold in the garage so progress is slower than usual.

1/5/09 See engine/trans page for pictures and descriptions on trimming down reverse lockout for swaps. Other than that, I got my "bolt in" driveshaft safety loop cut down and welded on, no pics yet, and am sorting out my wiring disaster one piece at a time. When that's done I'll post some dash pictures, it's coming along well!

12/18/08 Got some video of the engine running, see engine/trans page, also a new pic up on the interior page of the wiring disaster I made to get things running. Enjoy the videos.

12/16/08 Its been a while since I last updated, I finished plumbing the fuel lines and rigged up some wiring and got the engine started! Sorry no pictures, I am going to try to take some video and post it somewhere and get a link up. I learned a couple things so far, the only leak i have is my where my waterpump meets the block, I need to get my alternator hooked up because running off the battery drained it pretty quickly. Other than that I am thrilled, it was loud and smelly and I burned thru some wires not being eyeful of my wiring and headers but it was awesome.

12/01/08 After some reading I decided to sump the fuel cell to best gravity feed my Bosch "044" pump that I picked up as a quieter replacement for my A1000. See engine/trans page for sump pictures, also see the same page for my radiator hoses I completed, learning to weld aluminum has come in handy a lot recently!

11/23/08 I've decided to focus on getting the engine running shortly and then pull it and finish up the front end/firewall area and get it painted. See engine/trans page for fuel cell install, no other new pictures, mainly sorting out plumbing/electrical issues right now.

10/31/08 Finished installing the rear end, all trailing arms mounted and everything seems to work great! Took the rear out to finish welding the cage bars and tidy up a few things, the next uploads of the rear should be done and painted, minus tinwork though. I have added a specifications page to pull all my parts data to one location, check it out, I am still working on some details but most of it is there. Happy Halloween!

10/26/08 I finished planning out the geometry of my rear suspension. I set it for 100% anti-squat. See suspension page for pictures and descriptions.

10/17/08 My rear end arrived, Moser has a 2 day turn time on orders, pretty incredible. See suspension page for pictures and details, also modifications coming on cage and frame to get the rear mounted so stay tuned on the frame mods page for pictures as they are added.

10/07/08 Some new pictures on both exterior and engine pages. I've been pretty productive finishing or nearly finishing some little details. My rear end is on its way along with everything I should need to get it mounted so check back soon for big changes.

09/14/08 Been spreading myself thin lately working on this and that, not really getting anything particularly complete. I've added some pics today, trying to figure out how to mount the radiator, working on mounting my coilovers upfront and thinking about going bumperless all the way around, so see engine, suspension and exterior pages for more info.

08/31/08 - Labor Day weekend. 10,000 hits, Thanks for everybody who keeps showing up, I'll try and get a lot more pics and projects done now that the weather is getting better. Not too much going on right now, mostly working on wiring, etc. Once again waiting for some back-ordered parts to arrive to finish up the front suspension and get closer to starting the engine as well. I have added some info to a few of the pages, no new pics this time though. Sorry.

08/14/08 I've been working on little things, the most important note is that I sold my other Triumph, my motorcycle Triumph (2002 Speed Triple). I needed the space in the garage and mostly needed some money for a rear end and other things, so... big things are in the works, going to work on measuring for my rear and get that going. Hopefully I'll have more to report soon.

7/25/08 Every once in a while I need to take a step back and look at where the project is at. I put the hood on, lowered the car to ride height and cleaned it up as best as possible to take some pics. Some pics are under exterior and some are under the engine/trans page. Also I've added a how-to page and some new links.

7/7/08 Lots of parts in today so lots of work to do. Electrical is the next big task, got another steering u-joint and other materials to finish steering. For the newest pics see engine page. I've begun working on things to get the engine started.

06/11/08 No new pictures unfortunately, need to get into the garage to take some, been making small progress on steering and front suspension, got my y-pipe fabricated, 3" x 2 in and 3" out. I think I am going to go with a Sweet Thunder chambered muffler for now on the car, they are only 3 or 3.5" outside diameter which will allow me to run a fairly long one in place of the center pipe of the exhaust and dump it before the driveshaft gets in the way. Other than that I need to order parts, the next major thing is wiring, I will be replacing the wiring throughout the entire car with a Painless harness, haven't figured out which one just yet. That's it for now, I'll try to get some more interesting work done and post some pics soon.

5/28/08 I've been spending some more time working out the kinks in the front end. See the suspension page for more info., sway bar linkage and lower a-arms have been updated.

5/12/08 Headers are done and I have been working on some other projects, I have decided to re-do my A-arms for a more smooth custom look, a trip to Shapiro Supply later and I have completed my uppers so far, see suspension page for pictures and specs.

4/21/08 Got my clutch hydraulics figured out and a new bracket welded up for the master cylinder, will post pictures later today under engine, trans page. Also spring garage cleaning, I have various Gt6 parts to get rid of, email me an offer if you need any of the following: all are Mk II parts off my '69, original engine, transmission, ran a couple years ago, complete with everything incl. crane opitcal ignition, carbs manifolds, etc., original driveshaft non-overdrive, radiator, rear differential, steel wheels w/ tires 4 total some dryrot on tires, gauges, front swaybar, rear suspension parts, links, axles, rear spring: I am sure there are others, email if you need something, prefer pickup but will ship smaller items if necessary.

4/15/08 Tax day, a wonderful day for us self-employed people, anyway, still working on exhaust and some steering issues, I am going to work on flipping all the information on the site so updates appear before the old stuff instead of later so that'll keep me busy for a while, I'll also be adding some information to the frame modifications page. Lastly I'm adding a form email button on this page so feel free to sent any comments that way.

4/6/08 Got my stainless and began working on my headers, one down one to go, see engine/trans page for pic.

3/27/08 Been on vacation for a while so updates are few, check out the newly added Links page, I'll be adding more to it soon.

3/1/08 Check out suspension page and wheel/tires page for updated pics of front suspension and wheels installed.

2/24/08 check out the wheels/tires page for new pics.

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